Subject Options for 5th Year


It is important that you take great care in expressing your preferences. Every effort will be made to assign student as many of their top preferences as possible.

How to make enter your preferences:
• All students take Irish, English and Maths.
• A Modern Foreign Language i.e. French or German is STRONGLY recommended. Therefore: Please indicate in the first box French or German as your no. 1 choice.
• After this you can indicate in the other boxes SIX subjects of your choice in order of preferences – 2,3,4,5,6,7.

How to make the Subject Options choice online:
Please watch the video guide below which shows you how to select student options. Student Options are simply a case of:
1. Login to VSware
2. Select ‘Student Options’ on the left panel
3. Enter each subject in order of preference using the drop-down menu. (Remember a Modern Language must be the 1st choice)


5th Year Subject Options are based on student preferences. Provision of options is subject to Department of Education & Skills staffing & allocations.

The closing date for 5th Year Subject Options will be announced on Flexibuzz.