Vsware parents1

VSware is a cloud mobile based school administration platform. Parents/Guardians can use it to access your daughter’s:

  • Term reports (including all her past reports)
  • Timetable 
  • Personal details and your contact information. (Please contact the school if changes need to be made here)

You should have received login details to VSware via text message. The text message sent out includes:

1. A web address (www.loretocavan.vsware.ie)
2. A unique username

Logging into your account
To access your VSware account, your school will have sent you a unique username and a VSware URL (website address) that is specific to your school. The URL will look something like this: schoolname.vsware.ie. These details are usually sent to you in via SMS.

*VSware is best accessed through Google Chrome. You can access the site on the internet browser on your mobile device also.

  • To log into your new account, go to the login screen in your browser and click 'Reset Password'VSware1
  • This brings you to the 'Reset Password' screen
  • Type in your username
  • Type the last 4 digits of your phone number
  • Click 'Validate'


  •  You will then receive a text message containing the verification code. This SMS might take a minute or two to be sent.


  • Enter the code, type your new password into the 'New password' and 'Confirm password' fields. Make sure that your password follows the criteria listed.
  • Click 'Change password'


  • You will see a message confirming that your password has been successfully updated. Once you see this click ' Go To Login'


  • This brings you back to the main Login screen. Type your username, your new password and click 'Sign In'. This is your new password going forward.


Forgotten password and locked account
If you forget your password, you can reset your own account without contacting the school. Simply click the 'Reset Password' button as in the steps above.

If you have requested more than three security codes when resetting your password, your account will be locked until midnight. At one minute past midnight, your account will automatically be unlocked and you can request another security code.

If you have more than one child in the school, click the blue arrow under the photograph to toggle to the next student. You will only ever need one VSware login, regardless of how many students you have in the school.



First, take a look at the timetable which is found in the left panel. Here you will be able view the student's lessons, teachers and classrooms throughout the week. The red line indicates the current time of day, so it's very easy to see at a glance where the student is.


Next, click into the personal tab which includes the personal details of the student. If anything in this screen needs to be updated, you should contact the school to request the change.


Term reports
The term reports tab is a straightforward screen. At the top of the page, you first select an exam and it then displays the student's mark, grade and teacher comment for each subject.

Some schools provide the option to print off an official school term report. To do this, click 'actions' (on the top right) and 'print'.

You can also simply right click anywhere on the main term report page and press 'print'. This will print the screen exactly as it is.


Help Video
Here is a link to a video showing you the Parental access to VSware: some of the features found in this video are not yet available for Loreto Cavan*

Parental Guide PDF >>