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TY Media Class
The TY digital media students have been hard at work creating, recording and editing their own unique podcasts about various TY/School topics. Here they are below….why don’t you give them a listen - please click the microphones below - Enjoy!

  TY Podcasts 2020/2021

SCAM:Women in Politics

In our episode we will be focusing on how Irish society and their attitudes are SCAMming Irish women out of jobs in politics. So strap in, because you are going to hear lots of facts and chats in today's episode :)
A podcast by- by Séana Miney,Caitlin Hilton, Amy Sheridan, and Meadbh Campbell


The To-Do List

Are you looking for ideas to add to your bucket list after Covid? Look no further! In this podcast we talk about our top 3 things we hope to do on our bucket list. We'll give you all the information about where, why and how we are going to do them.
A podcast by - Emma Sexton, Ciara Lynch, Ciara McGill and Jodie Jacob


Dream Holiday Destinations

This episode is about four exciting and memorable holiday destinations that we believe many of you listeners would enjoy. We discuss flights, accommodation and all that you can see and do in these unforgettable places.
A podcast by- Ella Boylan, Megan McGreevy, Eva Kiernan, Tara McAnenna and Sorcha Brady


Behind the scenes of influencers

In this episode we interview Nikki Sheanon and Niamh Gallagher (niamhy) and discuss their experiences with social media. It shows the reality and behind the screens of young Irish social influencers.
A podcast by – Seoirse Ronan, Lauren Cullivan, Tina Beard and Shauna Cronin


Top Lists

This podcast reviews top items from different categories from makeup to TV
A podcast by-Caoimhe Brady, Grace Clarke Verrall, Blaithin Delaney, and Ruby Brady Flood


What would you do if you had 24 hours left to live?

Have you ever wondered what you would do if you had 24 hours left to live? Well tune in to this episode where we will discuss how we would choose to live those final moments!
A Podcast By- Niamh Fitzpatrick, Lucy Cullivan, Oliwia Mejer and Emily O Reilly.


Self Care Tips

This is our TY podcast about some self care tips that you could bring forward into everyday life. From school organisation to skin care we have all the tips you need!
A Podcast By- Ella Loughran, Roisin Boyle, Lidyana Moga, Lucy Crowe and Amity Drew

microphone Do you know the truth behind your fabrics?

Must watch- Netflix Recommendations

In this podcast we will talk about some of the newest and trending shows on Netflix right now! This is the perfect podcast to listen to if you are searching for something new or different to watch. We discuss the plot, the characters and voice our opinions and also we will update you on new shows, new seasons, cancelations and renewal of any shows
A podcast by- Aoibheann Morrisson, Katie Sheanon, Eleanor Brady and Aoife McEntee


Diet and Food choices

Are you interested in becoming vegetarian, vegan, or following a special diet? This is the podcast for you. In our podcast we discuss special diets, food choices within our school and we give general background information on various diets so if you are interested in learning something new, make sure to tune in!

 microphone Where in the World
 microphone Past students Loreto memories
 microphone Mental Health in Loreto
 microphone Effects of teenagers during lockdown
microphone Astrology
microphone Conspiracy theories
microphone Irish Legends: ghosts banshees and more
microphone Spill the Beans- Uniform
microphone Book Recommendations
microphone Mind over matter
microphone Santa Hats and Covid Masks
microphone History of Loreto


  TY Podcasts 2019/2020
 microphone TY Activities – What we did
A podcast by: Kate Lynch, Roisin Kellegher, Cora Brady, Lea Veseli, Áine Smith, Katie Lennon and Elisha Kearns
 microphone T&T Talks
A podcast by: Maeve O Reilly, Roisin Galligan, Carrie Tully, Kaioni Tu’ipulotu, Katelyn Dowd and Emma Martin O’Hanlon
 microphone Ghost Stories in Loreto College Cavan
A podcast by: Ella Curran, Mia Hughes, Ciara McMillan, Hannah Smith, Lucy Reilly and Grainne Cahill
 microphone TY or not: The big decision
A podcast by: Keava Monahan, Leah McDermott, Emma Comiskey, Maria Lovett, Emma Finnegan, Seána Cassidy and Nora Abdel Rahim.
microphone Life as a Loreto Lady
A podcast by: Kate Branson, Shauna Cusack, Rosie Flynn, Lucy Keogan, Chloe Gilcreest, Martha Comiskey, Chloe Duke and Aimee Quinn.
microphone Loreto: Past vs Present
A podcast by: Aoife Sheridan, Jane Lowry, Katharina Hix, Aisling Cahill, Alanna Brady

The Young Americans

A podcast by: Grace Reilly, Nora Abdel Rahim, Katie Lennon, Chiara Vennettilli, Emma Martin O’Hanlon, Keava Monahan and interviews with Ms Hyland, Ms Walsh and Mr Sheridan