ERASMUS trip to Barcelona

ERASMUS trip to Barcelona

'I recently went the on the Erasmus+ trip to Barcelona. I thought it was the best fun ever. I had a great time. It is a once in a life tike opportunity and I think it’s great because everyone goes there only knowing a few others and it is so easy to make friends and everyone is so nice. I found it very enjoyable also as I had never been to Barcelona and I got to learn lots about the city and got to see lots of sites and experience them with many people who had never seen them before. I think Barcelona is a beautiful city and I am so glad I got to see it. I also thought it was a great experience to help develop confidence in public speaking because we had to present our presentations in front of their whole year in school and we also went to the Sant Cugat city hall and got to meet the Mayor and I had to speak on behalf of the Loreto girls. I found this very helpful for developing my public speaking skills as before I used to get quite nervous doing presentations but now I find it much easier due to the practice I have been getting. I think it is the best experience and I had the best of fun and made many new friends from all around the world. I have also got somewhere to stay in many of the countries now if I ever want to go visit!!'

“By Ava Leddy”

'I really enjoyed partaking in the Erasmus trip to Spain. I got to meet young people from many different countries; Spain, Norway, Greece, The Netherlands and Romania, and I also was able to see the differences and similarities between each of our cultures. Before we went to Barcelona, we had to complete personal presentations about ourselves, a school presentation about Loreto, and an academic presentation which was about the effects of changing work and life patterns on social inclusion in our local area. We delivered our presentations on the Monday and Tuesday when we went to the school Agora Sant Cugat International School. We did many other things at school as well, such as Language Café conversations (talking to international students about certain topics for example, immigration), Art and Drama workshops, and listening to a guest speaker who told us about some of the architecture and buildings in Barcelona.
Outside of school we visited the Mayor of Sant Cugat, and each country’s representative spoke to and gave a present to the mayor of Sant Cugat. We also visited the city of Barcelona and visited different places such as La Sagrada Familia, Park Güell, Park de Montjuic, and the Gothic Quarter. I really enjoyed visiting all of these places that I’d never been to before, I had lots of fun and made many new friends because of this trip.'

By Niamh Fitzpatrick TY