Loreto College presented with the Healthy Ireland-Health Promoting Schools Flag

The Healthy Ireland-Health Promoting Schools’(HPS) Flag’ is presented by the HSE to schools as an acknowledgement of their work in improving the health of their school communities. The Healthy Ireland-Health Promoting Schools programme supports schools to focus on health and wellbeing and involves all members of the school community.

7L0A8248Students, staff, parents and guardians are consulted to identify priority health areas. Over a period of around 2-3 school years schools develop an action plan to address the health areas identified. Schools are guided to address their priority area under the following evidence based categories: environment (social and physical) curriculum, policies and partnerships. Schools work, at their own pace, supported by the HSE Health Promotion & Improvement Dept. In each school, a Healthy Ireland-Health Promoting Schools coordinator and Healthy Ireland-Health Promoting Schools team lead out on the progression of health and wellbeing and this work is supported by the school principal, board of management and wider school community. Going forward HPS moves towards the Wellbeing Promotion Process in partnership with DES. (In line with the Wellbeing Policy Statement and Framework for Practice, 2018-2023).
European research has shown many benefits of this type of whole school approach to health. Chief among these benefits are increased self-esteem, safer and cleaner school environments, lowered incidences of bullying, a positive approach to health issues, increased parent involvement and better student/teacher relationships to name a few.
7L0A8239In Loreto College Cavan some of the many health initiatives chosen to take on board in order to progress as a Healthy Ireland - Health Promoting School included communication, well-being and physical activity. As part of our work on physical activity we were delighted to be the first second level school in Ireland to launch a Slí na Sláinte. Congratulations to all involved.