Erasmus+ programme

Last week, five Transition Year students from Loreto College Cavan travelled to The Netherlands on the Erasmus+ programme with Ms. L. Fitzpatrick. The students were Willow May Hourihane, Clodagh Kennedy, Emer O'Flynn, Kaioni Tuipulotu and Maeve Young.

In preparation for the Erasmus trip, the Music Teacher from the host school in Holland sent an instrumental melody and chorus via email to a song which would become the Erasmus+ song , 'Key to the Future'. Each country participating (Ireland, Greece, Spain, Norway, Holland and Romania) had to come up with English lyrics for a verse to represent their country. The theme was 'Social Inclusion'. The six verses would be put together and performed in Holland.

All Transition Year students from Loreto were given the opportunity to write lyrics for the Irish verse. All of the entries were performed by Chloe Duke during TY Choir class. The TYs then voted on their favourite. Aoife Sheridan and Laura Galligan's verse was the preferred choice. It was a unanimous decision.

The verses from the various participating countries were put together and the Erasmus+ students from these countries were recorded in a recording studio beside the Dutch school. Clodagh Kennedy and Kaioni Tuipulotu sang to represent the Irish verse on the day - two students from each country sang each verse. The chorus was sung by everybody.

'Key to the Future' is a completely original song and highlights a very important topic - Social Inclusion. The students had a fantastic time in the recording studio and ended the session by singing the song in a 'We are the World' style - Have a listen!



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