Maths Week 2018


Last week was full of activities to celebrate maths week. We had a maths display where students could learn about careers involving maths, take inspiration from female mathematicians throughout history and smile at our maths jokes! There was also a ‘puzzle of the day’ competition, a huge number of students participated and correctly solved all types of puzzles from algebra to geometry and sequences. The four daily winners were Ellen McClean (2nd year), Emily Moore (1st year), Dearbhla Smith (2nd year) and Eva Couse (6th year).




First and second year students participated in a tarsia jigsaw puzzle session as well as a lunchtime maths quiz held by Ms Creamer. The winning team was Emily Moore and Alex Gilcreest. There was also a poster competition where students displayed where they see maths in everyday life. Lots of fantastic posters were created but the overall winner was Fiza Farhan (1st year)

Maths2 Maths4

Across the week students played Maths bingo, countdown and solved more puzzles in their maths classes. A ‘guess how many post-it’ competition was the talk of the school as staff and students attempted to estimate how many post-it’s would cover Mrs Sweeneys door. After a huge number of entries, the winners were Ms Kelly who guessed 304 and Kate Donohoe (3rd year) who guessed 290! The exact number of post-its was 291.

Maths3 Maths5

















The maths department would like to thank all staff and students who took part in the events and congratulate all the competition winners and participants. Well done to all.