Student Council

The organisation shall be known as the Loreto College Student Council.

Student Council Rumbek


The principal reasons for the Student Council are:

• To promote a good working relationship between teachers and students.

• To promote the general welfare of the school and the community.

• To develop leadership qualities and organisational skills within the membership.

• To provide a forum for students to voice their opinions on issues that are relevant to them, giving them the experience of being involved in a consultative, democratic process.

• To promote and encourage a greater school spirit.

• To raise awareness and take an active role in school and extra-curricular activities. This may include the organisation of fund-raising initiatives.

• To encourage a positive involvement of all students in the life of the school.

• To discuss any aspect of school business which involves the students, with the exception of any uncomplimentary mention of any member of staff or management or student by name or implication.


• Nominations will take place in the classroom setting during the last week of April.

• Elections will be conducted during the first week of May.

• It is recommended that the election process should take place in a central venue.

• The Student Council shall sit from September to May.


The Council membership shall consist of eleven students, elected from the student body as follows:

• Two from First, Second, Third, Fifth and Sixth Years and one from Transition Year.

• The Head Prefect and Deputy Head Prefect shall sit as non-elected members of the Student Council, following their appointment in February.

• Election of First Year Representatives to the Student Council shall take place in late October, before the Mid-Term Break. In the interim period, the sixth Year Student Council members will present the interests of the First Years students.

• A student who has already served on the Student Council may be re-elected.

• It is recommended that the outgoing officers on the Student Council should have a role to play in the training of incoming officers.

• The Principal and/or Deputy Principal reserve the right to attend meetings.


• The Student Council membership shall include the offices of Chairperson, Assistant Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Two Joint P.R.O.s and Attendance Officer elected annually at the first meeting of the Student Council.

• Vacancies among the officers shall be filled by a special election within the Council.

• It is advised that Sixth Year Members not be elected as officers to the Council, so as to ensure that they are free from any distraction from their studies that appointment as an officer might cause. However, if a Sixth Year Member is nominated to hold a position as an officer to the Council, she has the right to accept or refuse the nomination.


• The Student Council shall meet at least once a month at a time agreed by the officers, Liaison Teacher and/or by all members of the Council in consultation with the Principal and Liaison teacher.

• Eight members and the Liaison Teacher must be present at a meeting in order for it to be valid.

• When making a decision, any member of the Council may call for a vote to be held, and where the votes are divided evenly, the Chairperson will have the casting vote. The final decision will rest with the Principal. (The Liaison Teacher does not have a vote.)

• Minutes of all meetings shall be recorded by the secretary or Assistant Secretary.


The Student Council reserves the tight to form sub-committees. A sub-committee will consist of at least three members. Any activity proposed by a sub-committee is subject to the approval of the Student Council. Sub-committees must report regularly to the Council on their progress.


Where a vacancy occurs on the Council, the vacancy shall be filled by an election within the year group concerned.


The Student Council, in consultation with the Principal and the Board of Management, reserves the right to remove a member, if that member fails to attend three consecutive meetings (without a valid excuse), is not committed to the work or aims of the Council, or is in serious breach of the school Code of Behaviour. Where a member is to be removed, a vote must be held by secret ballot, and must be ratified by the Principal and the Board of Management. A student who is removed from the Student Council shall not be eligible for re-election.


• The Constitution of the Student Council shall be ratified by the Board of Management.

• Any proposed change to the Constitution must be discussed at a Student Council Meeting before a vote is taken. A vote must then be taken regarding the proposed change. Proposed changes must be circulated to all members of the Council at least one week in advance of the vote. Any proposed change to the Constitution must be discussed in advance with the Board of Management and ratified by the Board of Management.