Loreto College Cavan is unique in the appointment of senior prefects as every 6th year student is given a specific leadership role within the school community. The appointment of senior students to a prefect role is a reflection of the maturity, responsibility, co-operation and work ethic which they have displayed during their junior years. It is also a recognition of their potential for leadership.
Prefects are ambassadors for the school and are expected to give good example in class and in the school community with regard to school rules, behaviour, punctuality and school uniform.
We recognise and acknowledge the individual personalities of each prefect and encourage each one to fully utilise their own personalities, talents and traits to nurture a more positive atmosphere within the school.
Prefects 2017-2018:
Head Girl: Caoimhe Bogue Deputy Head Girls: Niamh Brick, Pauline Smith
The role of Head Girl and Deputy Head Girl is the most highly respected leadership role which a student can undertake. These leadership roles are awarded to students who have shown great leadership and are excellent role models to the general student body.
Senior Class Prefects:
1st Year:
2nd Year:
3rd Year:
Transition Year:
5th Year:
6th Year:
• To visit their class on dates and times as agreed with form tutor
• To notify Class Tutor or Head of Year of any problem in the class
• To monitor students in locker areas and be vigilant with regards to bullying etc.

Art Prefects:

• To assist with Practical Art Examinations for Junior Certificate and Leaving Certificate.
• To display and update art notice boards regularly.
Computer Prefects:
• To help members of the computer department to take care of the computer rooms, computer hardware and computer software.

Career Prefects:
• To take responsibility of careers video library and the upkeep of the careers area in the school.

Religion Prefects:

• To Prepare the Prayer Room for Mass at lunchtime
• To assist the RE teachers at carol services and school mass.

Sport Prefects:

• To train teams at lunchtimes and take lunchtime activity practices
• To organise all equipment for matches and fixtures in advance

Language and Media Prefects:

• To prepare for Principal, Deputy Principal, Head of Year for Assemblies, other members of staff and Guest Speakers who request the use of Digital Media for their presentations.
• To audit all language resources
• To arrange meetings with students regarding Language/Gaeltacht courses
Canteen Prefects:

• To post the duties rota
• To carry out supervisory duties
Environment Prefects:

• Allocate litter patrol duties and areas to other students.
• Meet with other Environment Prefects once a month to discuss problems and give support to your colleagues.
Laboratory Prefects:

• To upkeep and update science notice board.
• To promote involvement in any science related activities e.g. Science Quiz, Science Week.
Administration and Lost Property Prefects:

• To assist the Principal, Deputy Principal, Heads of Year and Secretarial staff as requested in the distribution and collection of forms/notifications etc
• To collate school news i.e. student achievements etc., and inform students of same either on a Notice Board or on the intercom once a week or as appropriate
• To organise the Lost Property Office

Concert Hall Prefects:

• Liaise with Deputy Principal each morning and afternoon in relation to organising furniture for assemblies, visiting speakers, parent/teacher meetings and other school functions.

Home Economics Prefects:

• Each prefect is assigned to a Home Economics classroom where have responsibility for specific duties within the classroom at the discretion of the Home Economics teacher.
• To help set up the kitchens for the practical Junior Certificate examinations.

Music Prefect

• To care for and maintain instruments, music room and store
• To make announcements for rehearsals and other music activities.

Pastoral Care Prefects:

• To sort and/or catalogue Pastoral Care Resources stored in Pastoral Care Room
• To be actively involved in the planning and co-ordinating of the three established Whole-School Initiatives i.e.: Courtesy & Good Manners Week, Mental Well Being Week and Friendship Week
• To update School Blog re: Pastoral Care Initiatives