Working in industry, three leaders share their stories.

On the 22ndMarch, three inspiring women from diverse industries visited Loreto College to share their stories:

Karen Lennon, Group Credit Review Manager - Bank of Ireland

Katrina Collins, Regional Portfolio Manager Americas -  Datalex Ireland (Ltd)

Alina Ui Chaoillai, Marketing Director – Largo Foods (Tayto)

In the course of an engaging talk, they shared valuable insights on the following:

-  Their career paths to date, personal achievements, jobs that did not work out, lessons learned

-  Their experiences of 3rd level education and its relevance in the workplace

-  The challenges of being a female in a senior role

-  Managing perceptions in the workplace

-  Managing money and knowing your market value

-  The importance of networking and learning from peers

-  Identifying individual priorities and deal breakers when setting career goals

-  Knowing when to move on to a new project

-  The importance of lifelong learning

The students of Fifth Year found this talk very interesting and beneficial. Here is some feedback from some students:

  • · I really enjoyed this talk as I found hearing about their jobs very interesting, I have never heard of their jobs before. It gives me an insight to new jobs I can now think of pursuing. I also liked how the three speakers had gone through so much to get to the job they love now and they are very high up which gives encouragement and inspiration to me and the other girls in my year as you don’t hear about women doing well in the workplace often
  • · I thought the talk was very interesting and educational. It was very uplifting and contained a lot of good advice. Bringing in female speakers, showed me that women are beginning to have a voice in the workplace and can even be better and more efficient than men can. That as ladies, we shouldn’t feel suppressed by the men around us that we can just be as good if not better than they can. I love the way the speakers gave personal anecdotes of their journey from second level to third level and their first jobs. They inspired me not to live in someone else’s dream but to do what makes me happy. If it does not feel right, do something else. Their words also encouraged me to start planning and to start saving money for college.
  • · One thing I learned from the talk is that your college course does not define your career path. Katrina Collins is a great example of this...Russian and Theology degree to Datalex Ltd. Brilliant story

We would like to thank the women for taking time out of their busy schedules to talk to us. We all really enjoyed it and found it very beneficial.

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