Members of Teaching Staff 2024 – 2025

Senior Leadership Team
Angela Garvey
Deputy Principals: Laura Gilleece & Stephen Sheridan
Art Department
Ms. B. Molloy, Ms E. Agnew
Business/Accounting Department
Ms. B.O'Reilly, Ms C. Hyland, G McCaffery, Ms S Gray, K Wilson
Career Guidance Department
Mr K. Clarke, Ms M. Nethercott
Core AEN Team
Ms M.R. Maguire, Mrs J. Fitzpatrick, A Bogue (SNA)
English Department
Ms. S. Dempsey, Ms E. Kenny, Mrs. R. Traynor, Ms. A. Murtagh, Mr. D. Hunter, Ms O Fitzsimons, Ms. D. Blessington
Ms. A. Kennedy, Ms. S. Dempsey, Ms. L. Cleary, Ms. F.McEvoy, Ms. S. Murphy, Ms M Braun
TY European Studies/Law/Spanish
Ms F McEvoy, Ms A. Murtagh, Ms M. Walsh
Geography Department
Ms. M. Walsh, Ms N. Ní Riain, Ms L. Fitzpatrick, Ms D. Ní Bhriain, Ms N Geoghegan

Ms, A. Kennedy, Mrs. R. Traynor, Ms. D. Blessington, Mr. D. Hunter, Ms A. Murtagh, Ms D. Ní Bhriain, Ms N Geoghegan

Home Ec. Department
Ms. A. McCormack, Mrs. A. Diver, Ms R McBreen
Ms J. Fitzpatrick, Ms M R Maguire, Ms A Diver, Ms R Traynor, Ms E Agnew, Ms F McEvoy, Ms L Fitzpatrick, Ms S Lee. Ms C Murphy, Ms M Nethercott
Ms A. McCormack
Maths Department (Maths/Applied Maths)
Ms J. Fitzpatrick, Ms. O. Mc Kiernan, Mrs A. Shannon, Mrs S. Sweeney, Ms S. Creamer, Ms C. Hyland, Ms A. Codd
Music Department
Ms C. Fay, Ms L Fitzpatrick
PE Department
Mr. C. Maguire, Ms. S. Lee
Roinn na Gaeilge
Ms B. O 'Reilly, Ms. M. Walsh, Ms. O. McKiernan, Ms N. Ní Riain, Ms D. Ní Bhriain, Ms N Geoghegan, Ms G.McCaffery
Religious Education Department
Ms. E. Kenny, Mrs J. Fitzpatrick, Ms A. Diver, Ms O Fitzsimons, Ms M. Nethercott, Ms. R McBreen
Science Department (Science/Biol/Chem/Phy/Ag Sc)
Ms. M. Rogan, Mrs. C. Murphy, Ms S. Sweeney, Ms C Farrelly, Ms C Fay

Secretarial Staff
Laura McAleer, Rabia Malik, Sheila Cooney  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Michael Costello
Catering Contractor
Alan McHugh (Clearwater Catering)