As the bell rings and students begin to pour into the canteen for lunch, the revamped interior provides an enjoyable atmosphere for all.

The Transition Year class of 2014/15 took on the responsibility of redecorating the senior canteen. A lot of time and preparation was given to deciding on how best to do this.

One of the most important elements of the revamp was the deep clean. The entire canteen was industrially cleaned and the walls were freshly painted in a crisp white colour. The canteen is now a bright and extremely hygienic area for the students to have their lunch.

Not only is the interior of the canteen decorated, the flower pots transform the entrance to the canteen by adding colour to the area.

The transition year students also added their personalities to the project by creating unique pieces of art to display on the walls.

The menu in the canteen, which is run by Clearwater Catering, was also updated and there is now a new range of food available for all of the students to enjoy.

The feedback on the new canteen is very positive and everyone can agree that it is a much brighter, happier and more enjoyable place to spend lunch.

canteen photo  canteen photo1

Loreto College Cavan offers a wide variety of nutritional, wholesome food that is freshly prepared everyday by our dedicated canteen staff.  Our menu offers breakfast, break and lunch and comprises of hot food, salads, fruit, baguettes and much more. Any special dietary requirements will be happily catered for by the canteen staff.

Our menu is available below.

Bon appétit!