Members of Teaching Staff 2019 – 2020
Principal: Ms A. McGarvey
Deputy Principals: Ms L Gilleece Mr S Sheridan

Art Department
Ms. B. Molloy, Ms E. Agnew

Business/Accounting Department
Ms. B.O'Reilly, Mrs G. Brady, Ms C. Hyland

Career Guidance Department
Mr K. Clarke

English Department
Ms. S. Dempsey, Ms E. Kenny, Mrs. R. Traynor, Ms. D. Blessington, Ms. A. Murtagh, Mr. D. Hunter, Ms E. McGowan, Ms O Fitzsimons

European Languages
Ms. A. Kennedy, Ms. S. Dempsey, Ms. L. Cleary, Ms. F. Mc Evoy, Ms. S. Murphy,

TY European Studies/Law/Spanish
Mrs C. Gaffney, Ms F. McEvoy, Ms A. Murtagh, Mr A. Molinary

Geography Department
Ms. M.O 'Gorman, Mrs. K. Buckley, Ms. M. Walsh, Mr P. Holland, Ms N. Ní Riain, Ms L. Fitzpatrick, Ms D. Ní Bhriain, Ms N Geoghegan


Ms, A. Kennedy, Mrs. R. Traynor, Ms. D. Blessington, Mr. D. Hunter, Ms A. Murtagh, Ms D. Ní Bhriain, Ms N Geoghegan

Home Ec. Department
Ms. A. McCormack, Mrs. J A Conaty, Mrs. A. Diver, Ms. L. Casey

Ms A. McCormack,

Core SET Team
Mrs. J A. Conaty, Mrs K. Buckley, Mrs J. Fitzpatrick

Maths Department (Maths/Applied Maths)
Mrs J. Fitzpatrick, Ms. O. Mc Kiernan, Mrs A. Shannon, Mrs S. Sweeney, Ms S. Creamer, Ms C. Hyland, Ms C. Farrell

Music Department
Ms C. Fay, Ms L Fitzpatrick

PE Department
Mr. C. Maguire, Ms. S. Lee

Roinn na Gaeilge
Ms B. O 'Reilly, Ms. M. O'Gorman, Ms. M. Walsh, Ms. O. McKiernan, Ms N. Ní Riain, Ms D. Ní Bhriain, Ms N Geoghegan

Religious Education Department
Ms. E. Kenny, Mrs J. Fitzpatrick, Ms E. McGowan, Ms A. Diver, Ms L. Casey, Ms O Fitzsimons

Science Department (Science/Biol/Chem/Phy/Ag Sc)
Mrs. C. Gaffney, Ms T. Farrelly, Ms. M. Rogan, Ms C. Farrell, Mrs. C. Murphy, Ms S. Sweeney, Ms C Farrelly, Ms L Gilleece


Pastoral Care Department (2019 – 2020)
(Heads of Year & Tutors)

First Year
Head of Year: Mrs C. Gaffney
Class Tutors: Ms D. Blessington, Ms S Sweeney, Ms L Cleary, Ms M. Rogan, Ms S. Creamer

Second Year
Head of Year: Ms. B O’Reilly
Class Tutors: Ms D. Ní Bhriain, Ms E Kenny, Ms L. Fitzpatrick, Mr. K Clarke, Ms C. Fay

Third Year
Head of Year: Ms G Brady
Class Tutors: Ms O Fitzsimons, Ms C. Farrell, Ms N Geoghegan, Ms E Agnew, Ms L Casey

Transition Year
Head of Year: Ms A. McCormack
Class Tutors: Ms A McCormack, Ms E McGowan, Ms A Kennedy, Ms C Hyland

Fifth Year
Head of Year: Ms T Farrelly
Class Tutors: Ms O McKiernan, Ms M O’Gorman, Ms N. Ní Riain, Ms C Farrelly

Sixth Year
Head of Year: Ms S Dempsey
Class Tutors: Ms K Buckley, Ms C Murphy, Ms J A Conaty, Ms M Walsh.

Secretarial Staff
Ms Elaine Brennan, Mrs. Sheila Cooney

Mrs. Mary Meehan

Canteen and Cleaning Contractors
Clearwater Catering