A Mary Ward Schools Compass

Rooted, Responsive, Relevant

Being an agent of change
A Mary Ward school today discerns what change is happening or needed, and encourages collaborative work to embrace change in order to take God’s purpose forward through
(cf KG pp 3 & 7)

Keeping our focus fixed
A Mary Ward school today continues to take its bearings from Jesus, his gospel, and our charism, and to be guided by our JUST SOUL
traditional values of Justice, Verity (Truth), Sincerity, Freedom, and Felicity (Joy).
(cf KG pp 1-2 & IBVM Call 1)


Guiding and guarding in the use of media
A Mary Ward school today develops responsive and effective ways to enable the young to engage safely and ethically with social media and emerging technology. This ensures the integrity of relationships while enhancing the opportunity for learning and creating global digital citizens.
(cf KG pp 7-8 & CJ Call 8) 
Owning and developing the charism
A Mary Ward school today joyfully accepts responsibility for evolving and unfolding in our time the God-given charism that Mary Ward channelled in her time. We continue to interpret this charism, adapting what has been passed on to us, in creative and innovative ways congruent to the times.
(cf KG p 2, IBVM Call 1, CJ Call 8)
 Compass Cultivating values needed now
A Mary Ward school today promotes not only the traditional values in which it is rooted but also those values needed for education that is responsive and relevant to the present reality and to the future.
(cf KG pp 1 & 7)

Embracing and affirming diversity
A Mary Ward school today embraces diversity as a mirroring of the wonder of Creation.
Seeing the image of God in human diversity, we encourage the young to
discover their interdependence so they each find their own dignity
– “I am because you are” * – and feel truly affirmed and included.
(cf KG pp 6-7; IBVM Call 5)



Thinking and acting justly
A Mary Ward school today is aware of inequalities and oppression in the world of which it is part, and strives to be part of the solution, building peace by helping the young to think and act justly in response to injustice – whether in the school community, the broader community, or the environment.
(cf KG pp 3,6,7,9; IBVM 2; CJ 5,6)
Engaging with the bigger picture
A Mary Ward school today, recognising the interconnectedness of all things, finds educational ways to engage with Laudato si’ and Agenda 2030: Transforming our World. We promote the values, skills, and behaviours needed for living as global citizens finding fulfilment in harmony with all of creation.
(cf KG p 3; IBVM 2,4,5; and CJ 4,5,6)



A Mary Ward school today affirms the centrality of the person of Jesus.
His gospel and our particular charism offer to education a profound way of being, acting as a positive force for transformation of lives.
Building on the foundation of our God-given charism,
we seek to invest in the holistic growth of our school community in a deeper understanding and living of the gospel.