Junior Cycle:

This syllabus, covers teaching and learning in French for the first, second and third years in post-primary school. It is assessed by examination at the end of third year at Ordinary and Higher Level.

Note: The current syllabus was introduced in 1993. A new specification for Junior Cycle French will be taken by first year students from September 2017.

Senior Cycle:

Leaving Certificate French follows a common syllabus framework for the teaching and examining of modern languages in the Leaving Certificate. The syllabus aims to develop learners’ communicative skills in the French, to develop their strategies for effective language learning and raise their awareness of cultural, social and political diversity.

Assessment is by means of a written examination, and an aural and oral examination at two levels, Ordinary level and Higher level.

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1st year French class celebrating Rumbek day



 Postcard competition for First Years to celebrate European Day of Languages, organised the Ty French class.


Winners and organisers of European Day of Languages Fruit bowl competition, organised by the Ty European Studies class.


Lunch time French Film to celebrate European Day of Languages.

French Valentine

2nd year French students in the Home Economics kitchen. They selected Valentine recipes in French and were able to describe each stage of the process in French. Well done girls and Bon Appétit!

IMG 5943

Well known French singer Caroline Moreau presents an extremely enjoyable and interactive singing workshop to our French students.

IMG 5963

A rare picture of our recent french Assistante Isabelle,pictured here with Caroline Moreau and our volunteers.

french cooking

  french cooking 2
















Les éleves de 5 ème ont cuisiné pour célébrer la Chandeleur et la fête de Saint Valentin . Bon appetit à tous !

Joyeuse Saint Valentin!

Les élèves de 6 ème ont fait des cartes pour fêter ce jour important


Literacy week and beyond :- Ty French students, inspired by Guillaume Apollinaire, create their own Calligramme or visual poem.