What is JPIC?
Justice, peace and integrity of creation is integral to the life and works of the Loreto Sisters. In 2018/2019 Loreto College Cavan will have a functioning JPIC group, which will focus on informing and stimulating reflection on issues of justice, while encouraging active engagement in local, national and international efforts to promote justice, peace and the integrity of creation within our school community.
JPIC issues are a key part of the reality in which we live and work. It is impossible to avoid justice, peace and creation issues.
JPIC as a focus helps us to name and highlight local, national and international realities which affect our lives.

“We must build a new culture of life that confronts today’s problems affecting life. The purpose of the Gospel is, in fact to transform humanity from within and to make it new. We need to begin within our Christian communities themselves.”
Evangelium Vitae, John Paul II, 1995, (#95)

Check back later in the year to see what we have been doing in our JPIC group!