European Studies

ES 1

European Studies
The European Commission provides funding for schools to participate in international projects. Loreto College is involved in the present programme, Erasmus+, with partner schools in Mainz, Germany; Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands; Barcelona, Spain and Sandnes, Norway.

ES 2EUROSCOLA brings together about 600 students from all over the European Union for a day in Strasbourg discussing aspects of European integration, in multilingual working groups.
In recent years, students from Loreto College have participated in Euroscola on three occasions. Students are assigned to ‘committee’ groups where they debate topics of interest to Europe, and propose resolutions which are then discussed by the full group in plenary session.

ES 3Loreto College has a bilateral exchange programme with RGS ‘t Rijks, Bergen-op-Zoom in the south of The Netherlands. This is a school of over 2,700 students, where many of the students take their classes through English. Each year students from Bergen-op-Zoom visit Loreto College in the autumn where they are hosted by the Transition Year students of Loreto College and engage in a varied programme of workshops, activities and excursions. The Loreto students pay a return visit in the spring, where they get the opportunity to experience home and school life in The Netherlands and visit cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Antwerp in Belgium.

ES 4E.Y.P.– European Youth Parliament. In EYP students model the work of MEPs. An EYP session is split into three distinct parts; Teambuilding, Committee Work and General Assembly. Students initially participate in regional competition and then qualify for national finals and, if successful, international sessions. Loreto College has participated in EYP for many years, with students reaching National finals every year. On two occasions, students have qualified for International sessions.