The visit of President Mary Mc Aleese.

December was a special month for the students of the College. President Mary Mc Aleese visited the school to mark the 75th anniversary of the foundation of the school.

In the comfort of winter sunshine, students formed a guard of honour leading to the school. President McAleese walked up the red carpet to Loreto at ten o’clock sharp. Touring some of the highlights of our school, she commended art students on work that she deemed to be of third level standards and stopped off in the home-economics room where a student knitting brought back memories for her of “agonising times turning the heel of a sock”.

Her formal address took place in the gymnasium, after a welcome by one of the students, a recital by poet Noel Monahan and a powerful rendition of The Halleluiah Chorus by the school choir.

President McAleese spoke with humour and passion about the Loreto education, the empowerment of women and the uniqueness of each of the students. She said that for the majority of us who will never win the lotto, education is our big win. The Loreto Colleges, one of which her own daughters attended in Dublin, provide “an education wrapped up in faith” where each student is “inspired and made confident” as it reveals them and their talents. She commended the Loreto Sisters on the 75th Anniversary of the school in Cavan and paid a tribute to all the staff of the college, including Principal Ms. Margaret Donagh, former Principal Mr. Brendan McCann, teaching staff and non-teaching staff. A presentation was made to the President by the two youngest pupils.


Na micléinn ag cur fíor cían fáilte roimh an Uachtarán

A celebratory Poem
To mark 75 years of LoretoCollege Cavan,

The child lives forever deep within us
And once in a while-that child laughs, cries....
Ever sings with memories of school days
When thoughts were quavers away from a song,
Whispering down corridors in the night
Long silence in study, and hearts beating
To the rhythms of the classroom, the exam clock
Ticking on to a hundred white faces.
Here in Loreto college, Cavan where drumlins
Are brooding since the Ice Age, nuns and teachers
With minds as deep as a well, are quenching our thirst
And reminding us we're young talented people,
Deserving of love and exhorting us
Never to lose sight of the child within us.

Noel Monahan 27-11-2005